Excited to announce dates for the upcoming MADISON THROWS CLUB winter sessions:
11/22  2-4pm
12/13  2-4pm
1/10    4-6pm
1/31    4-6pm
2/28    4-6pm
3/7      2-4pm
Sign up for all 6 sessions or sign up for individual sessions.
RSVP for session 1 by November 19.

Reserve a spot by email and mail in form.

Until then,
Coach Frontier


Have you always wanted to try throwing the Javelin?  Madison Throws Club has a great opportunity for newcomers who would like to give it a try or for experienced throwers to continue building their skills.   Please join us for our this unique opportunity.
Madison Throws Club is proud to host:
Coach Alicia DeShasier, Javelin Gold Medalist - 2011 PanAm Games


Saturday, Dec 13, 2014 

At Madison Memorial High School, Madison, WI.

Cost: $35

Please email Coach Joe Frontier
to reserve your spot :


The MADISON THROWS CLUB winter session dates will be out shortly.  We will be THROWING on Saturday afternoons beginning in November and straight through the start of the WIAA start in March.  The schedule is being finalized as I write this.
Please check back soon for dates, times and REGISTRATION.

Follow MADISON THROWS CLUB on twitter... @MTCthrowers

Throw Far,
Coach Frontier

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Good Luck as the new School Year begins

What will it take to get to STATE?

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone the best of luck as the new school year begins.  Good luck with your fall sports and your classwork.  However, luck has little to do with it...hard work, consistent effort, dedication, and determination will have more to do with your results than luck ever will.

I know many of you set goals for track and field, have you done the same for your course work? Your fall sport?  Take the time and write some goals down.  You might be surprised that looking at things from a goal oriented standpoint rather then just willy-nilly can impact your results.

How do I set classroom goals?  Getting an A would be an end goal, but less important than the intermediate goals i.e.  1. turn in all homework on time.  2. spend .5 hours each weekend reviewing what happened in class the previous week..  Goals must have some way to determine whether or not you are meeting them or not.  Do better- is not a goal.  I can keep track of .5 hour or my assignments. End goals are nice, but if you only have  an end goal you often can't fix the reason you didn't achieve it - until it is too late.

Which brings me to track and field.  Have you set goals for this year?  You might be saying 'no' - track isn't until spring, but there are lots of things you could be doing to accomplish your goals for track right now.  Set smaller goals: weight room, plyos, agilities, drills, clinics, doing a fall sport, winter sport, heck even your class room goals have an impact on Track - remember that there is no ability without eligibility.

Its never to soon to set goals, its never too soon to start working toward achieving them.  Most importantly, once you achieve or do not achieve a goal, its important to set a new goal.

Good luck,
Coach Frontier


MTC Champs push each other

Q:What helps an athlete continue to evolve and get better?
A: They surround themselves with other great athletes that will help push them further than they could on their own.
Today's small group session included 4 girls who have won 6 WIAA State Championships between them. They have learned to not just work hard, but to also have fun while working hard. Working together helps push these athletes further.   Great job today, keep up the good work girls!

Pictured: (R-L) Sam Noennig, 2014 WIAA D1 Discus Champion. Corinne Franz, 2012 & 2013 D1 Discus Champion.  Coach Frontier.  Angela Boushea, 2009 WIAA D1 Shot Put Champion. Kiley Sabin, 2013 & 2014 WIAA D1 Shot Put Champion.

2014 Fall Sessions

Madison Throws Club is proud to announce its Fall throws session dates.  We hope you can join us and continue to improve on your Discus and Shot Put technique.
Session 1: Sunday, August 24       10am-12
Session 2: Sunday, September 7    10am-12
Session 3: Sunday, September 21  10am-12
Session 4: Sunday, September 29  10am-12 or  Sunday, October 12       10am-12 
Session 5: Sunday, October 19      10am-12
Reserve your spot for individual session now by emailing Coach Frontier

Extra Summer Sessions 2014

Extra Sessions Dates: July 21, 23,28,30

Hammer THROW: 2:30pm-3:30pm
MTC members $20, non-members $35

DISCUS and SHOT PUT: 3:30-5pm
MTC members $20, non-members $35

Hammer, Discus and Shot Put
MTC members $35, non-members $50

Please email to confirm your spot;

We will continue into August if there is demand.
Stay tuned for Fall and Winter Dates.
1-on-1's by appointment.

Top Ten Ways to THROW BIG next season:

If you want to THROW FAR next season... 

 1. Set big goals for next season, then work harder than you ever thought you could to achieve them.
 2. Set small weekly and monthly goals that are obtainable between now and then.
 3. Come to Madison Throws Club sessions and clinics, get more reps, get more instruction.
 4. Work on strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness, find a speed and strength program and commit to it.
 5. Go to other clinics, great way to hear from other coaches and learn new things.
 6. Work on footwork with out the shot, disc, hammer, or jav.
 7. Do other sports! I believe in multi-sport athletes!
 8. Be a student of the throws, watch video of yourself, of others.
 9. Be a Student-Athlete, be a great student in the classroom, academics comes first.
10. There is no ability without eligibility. Follow your athletic code! In fact, live your code!


Hammer and Javelin sessions

Would you like to learn either the Hammer or Javelin throws?
Next week you will have the opportunity to learn these awesome throwing events.

Madison Throws Club will host a 1 hour session on

Monday, June 23 1:30-2:30
Wednesday, June 23 1:30-2:30
Monday, June 23 1:30-2:30
Wednesday, June 23 1:30-2:30

The cost is $20 for Madison Throws Club members or $30 for non-members.

Please email me to reserve your spot (8 athlete max).
Throw Far,
Coach Frontier


As of NOON -Wednesday, June 18th.
The crazy weather has seemingly moved east of Madison.  While we still may see some rain, the severe weather should be over.  We will have our 3pm and 4:30pm sessions as scheduled.

MTC Throwers WIN 4 WIAA Titles

It was another amazing weekend for Madison Throws Club throwers at the Wisconsin State Track and Field Championships. 27 Qualifiers won 4 State Championships, 2 Runner Ups, and 15 top 8 finishes. All of your hard work and dedication is truly amazing! Kiley Sabin (sr.) Slinger, repeated as the WIAA State D1 Girls Shot Put Champion. Samantha Noennig (so.) Hartford, won the 2014 WIAA D1 Girls Discus 148'11". Tucker Wedig (jr.) Belmont, won the 2014 WIAA D3 Boys Discus 169'05" and the Shot Put 57'5" Congratulations throwers!

WIAA Girls Discus Record - Jill Pedretti

Jill Pedretti set the WIAA State Girls Discus Record at the 1999 State Meet. Special thanks to Joff and the Pedretti Family for sharing the video with me so I could share it and hopefully inspire future throwers in the State of Wiscosin!

CONGRATS 2014 State Qualifiers!

It was an amazing day for Madison Throws Club Throwers.  So many great performances and lots of WIAA State Qualifiers.  27 Qualifiers in the shot put and discus is the most MTC qualifiers we've ever had.  I'm proud of you all, good luck!

Click on the link to see the results from the throw from all sectionals combined in each event and division...

2014 D1 Boys Shot Put Jake Decorah, Sr, Monona Grove
2014 D1 Boys Discus Jake Decoorah, Sr, Monona Grove
2014 D1 Boys Discus Tanner Rahman, Sr, Middleton
2014 D1 Boys Discus A.J. Musser, Sr, Sauk Prairie
2014 D1 Girls Shot Put Kiley Sabin, Sr, Slinger
2014 D1 Girls Shot Put Sam Noennig, So, Hartford
2014 D1 Girls Shot Put Kris Lindow, So, Ashwaubanon
2014 D1 Girls Shot Put Kaitlyn Long, Sr, Monona Grove
2014 D1 Girls Discus Sam Noennig, So, Hartford
2014 D1 Girls Discus Kiley Sabin, Sr, Slinger
2014 D1 Girls Discus Holly Houston, So, Madison Memorial
2014 D1 Girls Discus Kristina Kennedy, Sr, Madison LaFollette
2014 D1 Girls Discus Jenna Rosenthal, Sr, Fond du Lac
2014 D1 Girls Discus Katie Boehnen,  Sr, Oregon
2014 D1 Girls Discus Abby Jankowski, Jr, Greendale
2014 D2 Boys Shot Put Miles Kilpin, Jr, East Troy
2014 D2 Boys Discus Landon Ellingson, So, Jefferson
2014 D2 Boys Discus Miles Kilpin, Jr, East Troy
2014 D2 Boys Discus Landon Zimmerman, So, Belleville-New Glarus
2014 D2 Girls Shot Put Brittany Keach, Sr, Lake Mills
2014 D2 Girls Discus Karen Wethal, Jr, Evansville
2014 D2 Girls Discus Brittany Keach, Sr, Lake Mills
2014 D3 Boys Shot Put Tucker Wedig, Jr, Belmont
2014 D3 Boys Discus Tucker Wedig, Jr, Belmont
2014 D3 Boys Discus Logan Webb, Sr, Albany
2014 D3 Girls Discus Chloe Eckstein, Jr, Reedsville
2014 D3 Girls Discus Keegan Kamps, Jr, Belmont


The road to STATE.

      The road to State, often takes twists and turns.  Sometimes it takes 4 years to get there, sometime even more. It takes countless hours in the weight room.  Thousands of drills. Thousands of throws.  It can take a little luck, but I believe that luck favors the prepared...
And you are ready, you've put in the time, even extra time.  Trust that the reps, drills, and throws have put you in a position to be your best when you need to be.
Good luck at Regionals, Sectionals and State.
Throw BIG, Throw FAR,
Coach Frontier


Good week for Madison Area Throwers

Saturday's Monona Grove Girls Invitational finished up a busy tune-up week leading up to area conference meets. MTC girls slept the throwing events at the MG meet.  Kaitlyn Long one the Shot Put, while Kristina Kennedy wine the Discus.

Kennedy was closely followed by Christina McFeely in 2nd and Cora Herman in 4th.
Kennedy and McFeely took turns winning the Discus this week, as Christina McFeely won the Madison City Discus Championship with Kristina Kennedy in 2nd. Kennedy won the City Shot Put title.

In boys action at the MG Invite on Friday night, MTC throwers were well represented in the Discus competition.  Tanner Rahmen won the event besting the field of 36 boys.  Jacob Decorah finished 3rd,  Jeremy Gartland 6th, and Ryan Bruesewitz 8th.  Decorah finished 4th in the Shot.

MTC Girls discus sweep 1-2-3 at Lady Highlander

MTC girls threw well at the Homestead Lady Highlander Invite on May 10, sweeping the top 3 discus spots.  Christina McFeely (Memorial) won the event with a PR 113'9", followed by Payton Parman (Berlin) 106'5" and Holly Houston  (Memorial) 103'10".  Houston's throw was a 10 foot PR.
Houston and McFeely finished 4th and 7th, in the shot put, respectively.

See full results here...

See the current State Honor Roll here...

May 3rd meet looking for 'elite' entries

Princeton HS is hosting a Relay and Field Event meet this Saturday and is looking for more entries.
See link for info:
Entry deadline has been waived.

MTC boys sweep top 4 discus spots at Watertown

I got to watch lots of MTC athletes at the Watertown Invite Friday, April 25th.  The boys didn't disappoint, sweeping the top 4 spots in the discus competition.  Tanner Rahman (Middleton) won the event with a throw of 149-1.  PJ Koopmans (Waunakee) finished 2nd, throwing 144-6,  a 17'+ P.R.  Ryan Bruesewitz and Jeremy Gartland (Memorial) finished 3rd and 4th respectively.  Gartland's throw was also a P.R.  Keep working hard gentleman.

Boys Discus Throw
     Stadium: L 166-00.50  4/20/2007   Sam Markham, Janesville Craig           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Tanner Rahman                Middleton               149-01   10   
  2 PJ Koopmans                  Waunakee                144-06    8   
  3 Ryan Bruesewitz              Madison Memorial        130-00    6   
  4 Jeremy Gartland              Madison Memorial        128-09    5   
  5 Hunter Quinn                 Watertown               124-07    4   
  6 Marcus Turney                Lakeside Luth           122-10    3   
  7 Bailey Quinn                 Watertown               119-06    2   
  8 Joey Beil                    Sugar River             119-03    1   
  9 John Clark                   Catholic Mem            118-07  
 10 Mitchell Harter              Neenah                  114-02  
 11 Landon Zimmerman             Sugar River             113-09  
 12 Jack Bernauer                Middleton               108-03  
 13 Matt Schulze                 Catholic Mem            106-01  
 14 Jacob Brazee                 Neenah                  105-01  
 15 Holden Frank                 Baraboo                 104-11  
 16 Dalton Egli                  Lakeside Luth           100-09  
 17 Cody Pharo                   Mount Horeb              96-05  
 18 Jeremy Bowers                Baraboo                  96-02  
 19 Dillon Brost                 Waunakee                 96-00  
 20 Lucas Foley                  Janesville Craig         84-00  
 21 Michael Killian              Mount Horeb              78-09  
 22 Dale Cordes                  Janesville Craig         74-08 

Watch and learn

OK discus throwers and rotational shot throwers...
Ryan Crouser, now at University of Texas, had one of the most historical High School throwing careers in U.S. history.  He is tall and very strong, but he is also a very good technician.    Take a look at how wide the right leg sweep and how patient the entire start of the throw is in both events.  So many of you struggle with being patient in the back of the circle.  Being patient, low, long and wide in the back will help create more power in the front of the circle.  Remember if you don't arrive at power position in power position, you can't be powerful, slow down and hit good positions.

State Throws Honor Roll

MTC throwers are still making moves on the BOYS and GIRLS State Track and Field Honor Roll as indoor season comes to an end and outdoor season begins.  Can't wait for more outdoor meets and more discus throws.  Keep working hard throwers!

Girls Shot Put:
1   45' 00.25 Kiley Sabin 12 Slinger 4/5 W/TFA @ UW-Whitewater
2   42' 00.00 Samantha Noennig 10 Hartford Union 4/5 W/TFA @ UW-Whitewater
5   40' 10.75 Kris Lindow 10 Ashwaubenon 4/10 FRCC West Indoor @ Bay Port
11 39' 09.75 Brittney Keach 12 Lake Mills 4/5 W/TFA @ UW-Whitewater

Girls Discus:
2   120' 02 Danielle Kind 10 Waunakee 4/8 Waunakee Triangular
5   113' 10 Chloe Eckstein 10 Reedsville 4/10 Cold Vike Inv @ Denmark
8   111' 00 Kristina Kenneday 12 Madison Las Follette 4/10 Verona Vs La Follette Dual
10 109' 00 Keegan Kamps 11 Belmont 4/10 Darlington Invitational
11 106' 03 Katie Boehen 12 Oregon 4/8 Sugar River Inv @ Belleville-NG

12 105' 10 Jenna Rosenthal 12 Fond du Lac 4/8 Neenah Quadrangular

Boys Shot Put:
3   55-10.25 Tucker Wedig JR Belmont 4/01 River Ridge Small Meet

Boys Discus:
1   155-10.00 Tucker Wedig JR Belmont 4/08 River Ridge Meet
14 135-00.00 Logan Webb SR Albany 4/08 Sugar River Invite

MTC Girls DOMINATE WTFA State Indoor Meet

As the 2014 Wisconsin Indoor Track and Field season comes to a close, many of Madison Throws Club throwers got their last shot to throw big inside at the WTFA meet on April 5 at the University of Whitewater.

Slinger's Kiley Sabin (12) came in as the top seed and leader in the SHOT PUT on the State Honor Roll, and did not disappoint.  Kiley set a new P.R. nearly a foot and a half beyond her previous best at 45'0.25" to win the meet.  Sam Noennig (10) from Hartford set a 2 and a half foot P.R. to take second at 42'00".  Brittney Keach (12) of Lake Mills took 5th at 39'9.75" closely followed by Kris Lindow (10) from Ashwaubenon in 6th at 38'11.25".  The the underlined names for the rest of the MTC finishers.  Great job girls.  VIDEO BELOW...

Girls Shot Put
        WTFA: M 46-03  1990        Julie Beck, Tomah                          
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Sabin, Kiley              SR Slinger             42-08.25   45-00.25   10  
  2 Noennig, Sam              SO Hartford Uni        40-00.00   42-00.00    8  
  3 Reilly, Sam               SR Sheboyan Fal        37-05.00   41-00.00    6  
  4 Hamilton, Mileesha        SR Racine Case         38-08.00   39-10.00    5  
  5 Keach, Brittney           SR Lake Mills          39-00.00   39-09.75    4  
  6 Lindow, Kris              SO Ashwaubenon         39-07.00   38-11.25    3  
  7 Heine, Katy               SR Jefferson           34-02.00   37-04.00    2  
  8 Miller, Shelby            SR Osceola High        36-06.00   36-04.25    1  
  9 Liebeck, Jessica          SR Luxemburg-Ca        35-05.50   36-01.50 
 10 Bradley, Cassie           SR Riverdale           37-07.50   35-05.75 
 11 Huss, Taylor              JR Kimberly            36-08.00   35-04.75 
 12 Lincoln, Brittany         SO Franklin            35-03.00   35-04.50 
 13 Wedige, Mollie            JR Cuba City           38-06.00   35-04.00 
 14 Dunning, Erin             FR Ashwaubenon         36-09.00   35-03.00 
 15 Hansen, Kassera           JR La Crosse Lo        32-10.50   34-08.50 
 16 Hannan, Mackenzie         SR Stratford           33-10.25   34-07.50 
 17 Rainey, Allie             JR Union Grove         35-00.00   34-05.25 
 18 East, Hanna               SR Edgewood            35-01.00   34-01.50 
 19 Walesh, Kenzie            SR Two Rivers          33-11.50   33-08.50 
 20 Cruz, Kiara               SO Middleton           32-08.00   33-05.25 
 21 Juel, Olivia              SR Ripon High S        36-04.00   33-04.75 
 22 Jordee, Cole              JR Middleton           32-08.00   33-02.50 
 22 Chavez, Marie             SR Kenosha St.         34-00.00   33-02.50 
 24 Werner, Jordan            SR Neenah              32-01.00   33-01.75 
 25 Chase, Lindsay            SR Whitewater          33-00.00   32-11.75 
 26 Matsushima, Angelique     SR Verona              33-06.00   32-09.50 
 27 Albinger, Pattie          SR West Bend We        35-00.00   32-01.75 
 28 Munson, Stacia            JR La Crosse Lo        34-02.50   32-00.25 
 29 Smith, Savanna            JR Stoughton           33-02.00   31-10.00 
 30 Kennedy, Kristina         SR LaFollette          32-00.00   31-09.50 
 31 Tyjeski, Jordan           JR Beaver Dam          35-06.00   31-09.00 
 32 LaCount, Emily            JR Kimberly            33-02.00   31-08.25 
 33 Heim, Brianna             SR Bay Port            35-02.00   31-06.75 
 34 Deakin, Paige             SR Pardeeville         32-00.00   31-05.25 
 35 Nelsen, Michaela          SR Slinger             32-06.00   31-04.75 
 36 Waechter, Kayla           SR West Bend We        33-00.00   31-01.75 
 37 Hahn, Emalie              SO New Berlin E        32-00.00   31-00.25 
 38 Zibell, Lisa              JR Cambridge           30-08.00   30-11.75 
 39 Marx, Laura               JR Menomonee Fa        32-00.00   30-10.25 
 40 Boehnen, Katelyn          SR Oregon HS           32-00.00   30-09.25 
 41 Weathers, Adajah          SO Sun Prairie         37-11.00   30-06.25 
 41 Beaver, Angela            SR Monroe              32-06.00   30-06.25 
 43 Redemann, Brooke          SR Lodi                32-00.00   30-01.75 
 44 McFeely, Christina        SR Madison Memorial    32-00.00   30-01.25 
 45 Denton, Morgan            SO Mauston             32-02.00   30-00.25 
 45 Stuttley, Tayla           FR Onalaska            32-00.00   30-00.25 
 47 Matthiesen, Hannah        JR Menomonee Fa        32-00.00   29-11.00 
 48 Disch, Whitney            SR Monroe              32-00.00   29-10.75 
 49 Schroeder, Ruth           SR Ripon High S        35-05.00   29-08.00 
 50 Huther, Holly             JR Stratford           32-01.25   29-05.00 
 51 Werner, Lauren            SR Neenah              32-00.00   29-03.25 
 52 Hoefler, Marissa          SO Kimberly            32-00.00   28-07.25 
 53 Collins, Anna             JR LaFollette          32-00.00   28-06.75 
 54 Houston, Holly            SO Madison Memorial    30-06.00   28-05.50 
 55 Johnson, Lenai            SR LaFollette          32-00.00   28-00.50 
 56 Scheuers, Beth            SR Neenah              32-00.00   27-09.75 
 57 Weber, Elizabeth          SR Lodi                29-00.00   26-11.00 
 58 Stein, Emily              JR Cambridge           32-10.00   26-09.75 
 59 Helgemoe, Bobbi Jo        SR Beaver Dam          32-04.00   26-04.75

MTC Girls take over State Honor Roll

As March comes to a close, it didn't take long for the girls of Madison Throws Club to find their way on to the state track and field - shot put HONOR ROLL.   It's early and I know there are more big throws to come.  Keep working hard, it's almost discus season! 
1.   Kiley Sabin, Slinger, 42' 8.25"
3.   Kris Lindow, Ashwaubenon, 39' 7"
6.   Brittany Keach, Lake Mills, 39' 0.25"
20. Abby Jankowski, Greendale, 36' 8.5"

MADISON THROWS CLUB Summer Registration

2014 Summer Registration is now and print here.
We hope that you can join us this summer in Madison, Wisconsin.
Monday and Wednesday afternoons June 16-July 9.

8 - 1.5 hour sessions, choose your group
      group 1   3-4:30pm
      group 2   4:30-6pm
or sign up a la carte for an individual - 3 hour sessions 3-6pm

WANT more MTC?
There will be extra sessions for those that want to throw through the end of July.
Also, email me if you are interested in Hammer and/ or Javelin sessions.

If you have any questions at all please contact me:
Coach Joe Frontier

Thanks Dave Figi

If you are a coach, parent or athlete who has participated in girls Track and Field in Wisconsin in any of the last 20years you have probably seen Dave Figi at a track meet.  Dave has spent the last 20 years as the guide and overseer of the GIRLS HONOR ROLL.  He has also taken pictures, written short stories, collected results and compiled it all on

After 20 years, Dave decided he would retire from the Honor Roll 'business' (Dave never advertised on his site) to spend more time traveling with his wife.  He figured was tracking the boys and girls honor rolls and the High School track world in Wisconsin would continue to turn.... UNTIL decided this spring to stop compiling results from around the state and discontinue their boys and girls honor roll.

Dave Figi has come out of retirement to continue to compile the Girls Honor Roll until or someone else steps up to the plate.  If you know Dave send him a note to say thank you.  If you see him at a Track meet shake his hand and thank him for his dedication to our sport.  If you know his wife, send her flowers ;)

Go to:

boys looking for an honor roll...I don't know what to tell you right now:(


Best of luck to all of the throwers who begin indoor competition in the coming days. The hard work you have put in during the off season and at practice will pay off. Be patient, stay focused, and be confident that you are ready to throw far! Remember, its March, I'd rather be technical and patient now and fast later when it matters the most! Striving for something big? I'm working on collecting the BEST THROWS in STATE HISTORY so that all of you can strive to achieve your best. Some of you are capable of striving to be the best ever. There is an amazing history of throws in Wisconsin, a long tradition of great throwers, here's one: This is Steve Marcelle breaking the WIAA State Boys Shot Put Record in 2005. Work hard...67'6" is a huge throw, but Steve broke a 39 year old record held by Stu Voigt of Madison West from 1966. Everyone thought Stu's 67'0.5" was huge until Steve thought it was possible he could break it. Never stop working hard, never stop chasing.

2014 Seniors Pick Their Schools

Congratulations to the all of the Madison Throws Club seniors as they begin their final high school TRACK & FIELD seasons.  I would like to highlight 3 seniors who have made their commitments to their colleges of choice to continue their throwing careers.

Brittney Keach, Lake Mills H.S. will be attending University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse,   Brittney finished 6th in the Shot Put at the 2013 WIAA Division 2 State Meet.  She has a career best of 40' 2.5" in the Shot Put. Good Luck Brittany!

Kaitlyn Long, Monona Grove H.S. will be attending Winona State University, to compete for Coach Mike Turgeon.  Kaitlyn is a 2-Time WIAA State Meet Qualifier.  Her personal best in the Shot Put is 38'7".  Best of luck Kaitlyn!

Kiley Sabin, Slinger H.S. will be attending the University of Minnesota, throwing for Coach Peter Miller.
Kiley is the 2013 WIAA Division 1 Shot Put Champion as well as the 2013 Runner-up in the Discus.  Her Career bests are 43' 4.75" in the shot put and 136'11" in the Discus.  Congrats Kiley!
note: Kiley joins 2 other MTC alumni athletes, Kailee Kamps and Justin Barber at Minnesota.

Congrats A.J. Musser on signing with Illinois State to go throw for Coach Scott Bennett.  I'm looking forward to seeing you continue to grow as thrower at the next level. A.J. is a WIAA state qualifier in the discus with a career best of 158'10".  Good luck A.J.

Seniors, best of luck on your senior seasons, THROW BIG, THROW FAR.
Coach Frontier

2014 Luke Sullivan Throws Clinic

Madison Throws Club is proud to sponser the 2014 Luke Sullivan All-American Throws Clinic.  Luke Sullivan is one of the most storied throwers in Wisconsin Prep history, he still holds the All-Division WIAA State Record in the boys discus while competing at Verona High School.  After an All-American career at UCLA and competing in multiple US Olympic Trials, Luke continues to give back to the state he grew up in and the sport he loves by returning to Wisconsin each year to share his passion for throwing with young throwers.

Please Join us on Saturday, March 15 for this great throwing opportunity.
Register online HERE.

UW BADGERS meet host to many MTC Alumni

The University of Wisconsin Badgers will host a Track and Field meet on January 24 and 25 against Depaul University, Indiana State University, Marquette University, and Northern Illinois University.  Competition will begin on Friday night at 5pm with an exhibition discus event on the turf of the McClain Center adjacent to the SHELL Track facility.  Weight Throw and Shot Put will begin at 12noon on Saturday in the SHELL.

This meet will see many MTC Alumni and friends of MTC compete.  2-Time WIAA State discus champion, Corinne Franz is a freshman competing for Depaul.  Former WIAA State shot put champion and record holder, Angela Boushea is competing for UW along with Riley Budde and Andrew Brekke.  Mary Theisen  friend of MTC and MTC Coach, is in her final season at Indiana State will also be throwing.

Admission is free, come check it out.

photo courtesy of Dave Figi