Extra Summer Sessions 2014

Extra Sessions Dates: July 21, 23,28,30

Hammer THROW: 2:30pm-3:30pm
MTC members $20, non-members $35

DISCUS and SHOT PUT: 3:30-5pm
MTC members $20, non-members $35

Hammer, Discus and Shot Put
MTC members $35, non-members $50

Please email to confirm your spot;

We will continue into August if there is demand.
Stay tuned for Fall and Winter Dates.
1-on-1's by appointment.

Top Ten Ways to THROW BIG next season:

If you want to THROW FAR next season... 

 1. Set big goals for next season, then work harder than you ever thought you could to achieve them.
 2. Set small weekly and monthly goals that are obtainable between now and then.
 3. Come to Madison Throws Club sessions and clinics, get more reps, get more instruction.
 4. Work on strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness, find a speed and strength program and commit to it.
 5. Go to other clinics, great way to hear from other coaches and learn new things.
 6. Work on footwork with out the shot, disc, hammer, or jav.
 7. Do other sports! I believe in multi-sport athletes!
 8. Be a student of the throws, watch video of yourself, of others.
 9. Be a Student-Athlete, be a great student in the classroom, academics comes first.
10. There is no ability without eligibility. Follow your athletic code! In fact, live your code!