MTC Fall Throwing Sessions

The road to better throws continues into the fall...
Athletes that would like to continue working on technique and add more off-season reps to your preparation for the upcoming season should join us for MADISON THROWS CLUB fall sessions.
Sunday, September 15
Sunday, September 29
Sunday, October 13
Sunday, October 27
All sessions will be Sunday mornings at 10am.
Held outdoors at the Madison Memorial High School Track and Field facility.

Cost is $100 or  $35/session for Summer 2013 MTC Members.
            $115 or  $40/session for new athletes.

Please contact Coach Frontier with questions regarding Fall throwing, one-one-one sessions, or off-season speed and strength training.
Athletes wishing to work on Hammer or Javelin must make a one-on-one appointment.

Know your Glide SHOT PUT history

Make sure you know your glide shot put history.  When Parry O'Brien turned his back to the toe board in the '56 Olympics it changed everything. It's important to find out why we do things and how we can continue to refine them.
Throw Far,
Coach Frontier
p.s. That is Bruce Jenner doing the interview.  Yes, before the Kardashians and before all that surgery messed up his face.


I have seen incredible growth in interest for throwing Shot Put and Discus as the Throws Coach at Madison Memorial High School. My first year coaching in 2002, I had 17 throwers boys and girls combined.   That number ballooned to 47 throwers at one point.  I now average about 35 throwers a year. Those numbers have necessitated more space to practice... we added 3 circles in 2007 with the help of Mark Nelson and Lycon Inc.  Now, after a couple years of planning, Mark again has helped us with more space by adding 14 new circles for throwing and technique.  

Thank you to all of the Madison Memorial Thowers, whose passion for Track and Field has helped make more circles necessary.  But the biggest thank you goes to Mark Nelson and his guys, whose hard work and generosity made this happen.  I am one happy throws Coach!
Congrats Madison Throws Club ... you will soon be benefiting from this upgrade as well!
Diggin' in.

The forms are in...ready for concrete.

Pour it in and smooth it out.