Fall Session 3

MTC's 3rd Fall Session will be
Sunday, October 7 : 10am-12noon
Let's get to work!

Want to join us?
Contact Coach Frontier:
WInona State has been named the number 1 throws program in NCAA DII for the 3rd consecutive year.  Congratulations Winona State Throwers,  Coach Turgeon,  and MTC Alumni: Kassi Kamps.



Do YOU...
Want more coaching?
Want more reps?
Want to correct bad habits?
Want to switch to rotational Shot Put?
Want a bigger P.R.?
Want to throw farther?

Then lets continue training this fall.

Regular small group FALL SESSIONS will be held on Sunday Mornings at 10am. Outdoors at the Madison Memorial High School Track throwing area Mineral Pt. and Gammon Rd.

for 2012 Summer MTC MEMERS (athletes who trained this past summer)
Cost: $30/session or $100 for all 4 sessions
for 2012 Non Members
Cost: $35/session or $120 for all 4 sessions

Want to work one-on-one? Can't make it to Sunday morning sessions?
1-0n-1 sessions can be made by appointment.
Please contact Coach Joe Frontier : josephfrontier@hotmail.com

Need to get stronger to throw farther?
I can customize a strength and speed program to fit your schedule and your needs.
Aren't familiar with the lifting techniques or training? I can teach you.
Please contact Coach Joe Frontier : josephfrontier@hotmail.com