Good Luck as the new School Year begins

What will it take to get to STATE?

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone the best of luck as the new school year begins.  Good luck with your fall sports and your classwork.  However, luck has little to do with it...hard work, consistent effort, dedication, and determination will have more to do with your results than luck ever will.

I know many of you set goals for track and field, have you done the same for your course work? Your fall sport?  Take the time and write some goals down.  You might be surprised that looking at things from a goal oriented standpoint rather then just willy-nilly can impact your results.

How do I set classroom goals?  Getting an A would be an end goal, but less important than the intermediate goals i.e.  1. turn in all homework on time.  2. spend .5 hours each weekend reviewing what happened in class the previous week..  Goals must have some way to determine whether or not you are meeting them or not.  Do better- is not a goal.  I can keep track of .5 hour or my assignments. End goals are nice, but if you only have  an end goal you often can't fix the reason you didn't achieve it - until it is too late.

Which brings me to track and field.  Have you set goals for this year?  You might be saying 'no' - track isn't until spring, but there are lots of things you could be doing to accomplish your goals for track right now.  Set smaller goals: weight room, plyos, agilities, drills, clinics, doing a fall sport, winter sport, heck even your class room goals have an impact on Track - remember that there is no ability without eligibility.

Its never to soon to set goals, its never too soon to start working toward achieving them.  Most importantly, once you achieve or do not achieve a goal, its important to set a new goal.

Good luck,
Coach Frontier