In an effort to continue helping improve throwers and throws coaching, I would like to share what I've learned working with the 1000+ athletes at Madison Throws Club and offer you: ONLINE Shot Put and Discus COACHING.  I know everyone can't make it to Madison, WI, so how about getting help online, from the comfort of your keyboard.

There is some good content up already and I will be adding more content all Winter long as we ramp up toward the 2018 Track and Field season.  Join me online today!

THROW BIG, THROW FAR - Online Membership
Here what TBTF has to offer:
     Members get access to:
          Monthly Video Analysis - send in video and I will send you back a detailed video analysis.
          Mini Lessons - short video tips on Shot Put, Discus, Strength Training, Competing, etc.
          Practice/ Training Plans - Drills, technique, progressions, speed and strength plans.
          Throwers Community - Ask questions, share ideas, and more.
          Video Library - I've shot more throwing video than most...access all the good stuff.
          A Personal Mentor - I will be a click away to help you become the best you can be.

Questions?  email Coach Frontier:

Luke Sullivan All-American Throwing Clinic

REGISTER NOW for the 2018 Luke Sullivan Clinic

Luke is the WIAA State DISCUS Record Holder, 4-Time UCLA All-American, and is one of the best throwing coaches in the state of Arizona.  Each of the last 15years he comes back home to share his expertise and experiences to high school throwers in Wisconsin.  Don't miss out on this unique SHOT PUT & DISCUS training opportunity.