In an effort to continue helping improve throwers and throws coaching, I will be offering ONLINE Shot Put and Discus COACHING.  I know everyone can't make it to Madison, WI, but I would like to offer what I've learned about coaching the throws to those interested - online.

I am currently building the infrastructure that will allow me to share with you my passion for making shot put and discus throwers better.

Here what I'm working on:

1. THROW BIG, THROW FAR - Video Analysis
    Throwers or Throws Coaches can send me a video at a nominal cost.
          I will send you a detailed video analysis back which will include:
          What you do well.  What you need to work on. & specific drills you can do to improve.
Interested?  Email:  - Subject: VIDEO ANALYSIS

2. THROW BIG, THROW FAR - Online Throwing Subscription
     Throwers or Throws Coaches can access all of the resources I can share online.
     Monthly or Yearly you can subscribe to get all sorts of stuff:
          Monthly Video Analysis - send in video of  P.R.'s or current throws struggles & challenges
          Mini Lessons - short video tips on Shot Put, Discus, Strength Training, Competing, etc.
          Practice/ Training Plans - Drills, technique, progressions, speed and strength plans.
          Throwers Community - Share, Learn, & Revel with like minded circle rats.
          Video Library - I've shot more throwing video than I care to say - but I'm willing to share it all.
          Discounts - On upcoming sessions and clinics
          A Personal Mentor - I loved throwing, but the satisfaction of passing it on
                                     has meant more to me than any of my personal successes,
                                     let me share my experiences with you.

Interested?  Email:  - Subject: ONLINE THROWING

If you are interested in either of these two upcoming opportunities please email me: