In an effort to continue helping improve throwers and throws coaching, I would like to share what I've learned working with the 1000+ athletes at Madison Throws Club and offer you: ONLINE Shot Put and Discus COACHING.  I know everyone can't make it to Madison, WI, so how about getting help online, from the comfort of your keyboard.

There is some good content up already and I will be adding more content all Winter long as we ramp up toward the 2018 Track and Field season.  Join me online today!

THROW BIG, THROW FAR - Online Membership
Here what TBTF has to offer:
     Members get access to:
          Monthly Video Analysis - send in video and I will send you back a detailed video analysis.
          Mini Lessons - short video tips on Shot Put, Discus, Strength Training, Competing, etc.
          Practice/ Training Plans - Drills, technique, progressions, speed and strength plans.
          Throwers Community - Ask questions, share ideas, and more.
          Video Library - I've shot more throwing video than most...access all the good stuff.
          A Personal Mentor - I will be a click away to help you become the best you can be.

Questions?  email Coach Frontier: