MTC Champs push each other

Q:What helps an athlete continue to evolve and get better?
A: They surround themselves with other great athletes that will help push them further than they could on their own.
Today's small group session included 4 girls who have won 6 WIAA State Championships between them. They have learned to not just work hard, but to also have fun while working hard. Working together helps push these athletes further.   Great job today, keep up the good work girls!

Pictured: (R-L) Sam Noennig, 2014 WIAA D1 Discus Champion. Corinne Franz, 2012 & 2013 D1 Discus Champion.  Coach Frontier.  Angela Boushea, 2009 WIAA D1 Shot Put Champion. Kiley Sabin, 2013 & 2014 WIAA D1 Shot Put Champion.