Thanks Dave Figi

If you are a coach, parent or athlete who has participated in girls Track and Field in Wisconsin in any of the last 20years you have probably seen Dave Figi at a track meet.  Dave has spent the last 20 years as the guide and overseer of the GIRLS HONOR ROLL.  He has also taken pictures, written short stories, collected results and compiled it all on

After 20 years, Dave decided he would retire from the Honor Roll 'business' (Dave never advertised on his site) to spend more time traveling with his wife.  He figured was tracking the boys and girls honor rolls and the High School track world in Wisconsin would continue to turn.... UNTIL decided this spring to stop compiling results from around the state and discontinue their boys and girls honor roll.

Dave Figi has come out of retirement to continue to compile the Girls Honor Roll until or someone else steps up to the plate.  If you know Dave send him a note to say thank you.  If you see him at a Track meet shake his hand and thank him for his dedication to our sport.  If you know his wife, send her flowers ;)

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boys looking for an honor roll...I don't know what to tell you right now:(