John Godina's UPCOMING Throws Clinics

PHASE 1 - Olympic Lifting Clinc : February 23
PHASE 1 - THROWS Clinic : February 24
PHASE 2 - THROWS Clinic : March 3

I recently had the opportunity to attend John Godina's Phase II Coaches Course.  It was a great day of learning about advanced rotational concepts in the throws.  Lots of different Drills to correct common errors in the Rotational Shot and Discus.
I highly recommend Coaches attend his Phase I Course and Phase II Course if you have the opportunity.
And if athletes have the chance to attend his Phase I, Phase II Athlete Clinic or a World Throws Center Camp, I highly encourage you to sign up.

Advanced Rotational athlete's could try this drill it really forces you to work on staying on the right in the middle and not allowing any weight to shift to the left because you are doing an extra 180 turn at wheel past Power Position.  Great Drill - very difficult - beginners beware...advanced throwers see if you have what it takes to match John's movement.