Sorry for the wait...
Thought I would get this out before the start of the Wiscsonsin High School season. Sorry for you lucky throwers to have an early start, we have to wait until the the second week of March to start practice.

This years ROTATIONAL Throws Shoe Review is focused on Throws specifically made for Rotational events .... Rotational Shot Put, Discus, or Hammer. I did my best at breaking down what I know about whats available by talking to everyone I see in throws shoes about how they like them. Remember when it comes down to it if they don't feel comfortable - they are not for you.

A few things to remember:
1. Throwing shoes should fit like a glove. Sloppy shoes make for sloppy feet in the circle. Parents don't buy throws shoes big in an effort to allow your kids to grow into them.

2. If you glide for shot put it may be easier to by a glide shoe and rotate in it for discus than it will be to glide in rotational shoes. Please refer to last years Shoes for Gliders.

3. Nike Zoom Rotational are probably the fastest rotational shoes in terms of how they hold the ground. If you are beginning to rotate this year perhaps you get something with a little bit more control and work up to the Nike.

4. Rain can wreak havoc on spinners...keep your old glide shoes in your bag, they might be perfect to rotate in at that rainy meet that means a lot to you.

I hope this helps. Choose wisely.

Coach Frontier

any questions or comments can be sent to josephfrontier@hotmail.com