2012 West Relays: Baumann & Zahn Battle

The 2012 Madison West Relays Class B meet offered a second playground for Madison Throws Club Throwers' Jason Zahn (sr) Grafton and Theron Baumann (sr) Monona Grove. There Battle at the Nelson Daniels Relays put them on top of the State honor roll list and this past Saturday offered up more of the same. Jason threw 58' 10.5" to capture 2nd place while Theron won the meet with a toss of 59'8.75". Theron's throw tied the B meet record set by Brodhead's A.J. Curtis in 2005.

I suspect we could be hearing more from these 2 throwers at the TFA meet and beyond.

Video of their 6 throws from the meet...and yes those are corn rows on Theron, I've threatened him with a haircut to no avail.