I will be adding more throwing breakdown videos for you to watch and analyze.
What makes some of the best throwers THROW FAR?  Remember there are very few perfect throwing models, however, we can learn from every throw.  Each thrower has to make accommodations and adaptations to make the discus or shot put GO based on their current understanding of positions, rhythm and tempo as well as what their body is capable of doing.

Watch these videos and think about what are they doing well AND what can they improve on... that's how throwers and coaches make improvements, change practice plans, and alter approaches to competitions.

I often find that an athlete's best throw in competition has some small breakdown of form, probably due to adrenaline or the culmination of aggressive competitiveness.  How many reps can you get in at practice hitting good positions so that when 'you get after it' things breakdown they don't fall apart completely?   Watch and keep working hard.


I'm also working on linking videos of the BEST throws in WISCONSIN PREP HISTORY. Find out more HERE.
I will update this every summer.  
I hope it inspires new throwers to work hard and dream of making the list!
Throw Far,
Coach Frontier