WIAA Boys State Discus Record - Luke Sullivan 193'3"

Luke Sullivan's record 193'3" discus throw at the 1993 WIAA STATE Track and Field Championships has stood the test of time. Its one of the oldest records in the books.   State records can only be set at the WIAA state meet.  Luke was a junior at Verona High School and despite winning his third state championship his senior year he couldn't top his own mark on the day of the meet, despite throwing 198'11" that season.  We've seen a lot of good discus throwers since 1993, but none have been able to produce the magic Luke created in 1993.  If records are made to be broken, it will take someone with a lot of hard-work, determination, great technique, and most importantly the guts to not succumb to the pressure state meet can produce.

Until then, keep watching this video and stay hungry.