The impact Covid-19 has had planning this summer like all of its impacts has been difficult.

Keeping in mind: the feedback I've gotten from our MTC families, a focus on health and safety, facility barriers, and the fact that I'm just not ready to train in the large groups that we've become accustomed to... here is where I am for the JUNE and JULY (we'll adapt for August later)

1 on 1 Coaching  ($$) - by appointment - AVAILABLE NOW
If you need individual training please contact me to set up a time by appointment.
1hour, 1.5hour, or 2hour sessions are available for Shot Put and/ or Discus Training
Hammer and Javelin alos available but limited.

EMAIL COACH FRONTIER to set up a session: madisonthrowsclub@gmail.com

SMALL GROUP SESSIONS ($) -  or now by Appointment
1. If you are comfortable working in a small I have small group sessions limited to 5 throwers
FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.  I will set these dates shortly, but plan on their being a Monday, Wednesday, and Weekend Option.  Coming June 15th ish

2. If you would like to put a small group together on your own (3-5 thrower) and schedule a time to train by appointment that is also an option.

EMAIL COACH FRONTIER if you are interested in this option : madisonthrowsclub@gmail.com