Win with Integrity

Such sad and angering news...PART 2:
Today is a sad day...maybe... As someone who watched nearly every stage of Lance Armstrong's 7 Tour De France wins. And, as someone who has devoted much of my time in the past 13 years to coaching Track and oft steroid-stained sport... I hope that the Fall from grace for Lance, this renowned and beloved champion, will be a deterrent for future athletes to not do sadness turns to hope, that a lesson is being learned and need not be repeated!

Such sad and angering news PART 1:
2012 Olympic women's shot put champion Nadezhda Ostapchuk has been stripped of the gold medal she won at the London Games after testing positive for a banned anabolic steroid.

Remember that USATF athletes pledge to

I pledge to make good decisions in my life
I will be an enthusiastic and positive person.
I will live with integrity every day;
I will lead a healthy, active lifestyle.
I will take pride in my successes
on the playing field and in the classroom;
I will be honest and drug-free,
knowing cheaters never win.
I am a Champion!

A true and simple statement. And it all begins with one person not just saying it, but living it...that person is you.