Burks and Franz Best City Throwers

Last year's WIAA Division 1 Girls Discus was a great display of the strength in the event from the City of Madison and the Big 8 Conference and Madison Throws Club. The 2011 Champion was Madison LaFollette's KeKe Burks and the 4th place finisher was Memorial's Corinne Franz.
No surprise that the two battled it out with some great throws at the 2012 City Meet on Tuesday night. Franz ended up edging out the Burks, but not by much. Corinne's winning throw of 130'2" closely followed by Burks at 128'0".
Burks showed her superiority in the Shot Put by besting the field by nearly 5 feet. KeKe won the Shot Put with a throw of 38'6.25".

Solid performances by several other MTC members as well. Congrats Keke, Corinne, Jessi, Christina, and Kariah.

1 Corrine Franz Madison Memo 130-02
2 KeKe Burks Madison La F 128-00
3 Kariah Davis Madison La F 104-04
4 Christina McFeely Madison Memo 96-00

5 Kristina Kennedy Madison La F 95-03
6 Jessi Ford Madison Memo 93-11
7 Aryn Kinney Madison East 85-11
8 Allyson Opps Madison East 82-03

1 KeKe Burks Madison La F 38-06.25
2 Corrine Franz Madison Memo 33-06.75
3 Jessi Ford Madison Memo 30-10.50
4 Mari Bester Madison West 30-06.75
5 Hannah East Madison Edge 30-02.75
6 Allyson Opps Madison East 29-01.25
7 Aryn Kinney Madison East 28-09.75
8 Kristina Kennedy Madison La F 28-00.00