The rotational shot has been a technique used in the U.S. nearly exclusively by elite throwers for the past 25 years. It has become the technique of choice for most college throwers and around the country has been taking over the high school scene as well.
Except in Wisconsin...it seems that rotational shot putters have been rare to say the least. Until now. I see more and more athletes switching from Glide to Rotational and I must say, I like what I see.

The TFA indoor meet at UW Whitewater on Saturday, April 7, 2012 saw more boys throwing rotational than I can remember. Top honors were taken by Algoma senior, Zach Blahnik. Closely followed by Madison Throws Club's Theron Baumann (sr, Monona Grove), Jason Zahn (sr, Grafton) as well as Riley Budde (jr, Beaver Dam). Blahnik and Zahn are experienced rotaters, while Baumann and Budde are rotating this season after gliding in their previous prep seasons.
keep working hard guys!

1 Blahnik, Zach  Algoma High 58-06.00   10
2 Baumann, Theron Monona Grove  57-01.00    8      
3 Zahn, Jason  Grafton  56-06.00    6      
4 Mess, Alex  Lake Mills 54-03.75    5      
5 Schnieder, Josh Green Bay Ea 53-06.00    4      
6 Budde, Riley  Beaver Dam 51-00.00    3      
7 Schneider, Drew Green Bay Pr 50-04.50    2      
8 Boockmeier, Brad Green Bay Pr 49-06.00    1      
9 Luell, Vance  Beaver Dam 49-03.00